Steel Solutions

Custom Architectural Structural Steel, Fabricating and Installation


Virtually any business or private dwelling can use, or requires, structural steel. From mining and wholesale buildings to resorts, community centres and residential housing, our extensive portfolio delineates our experience and expertise. With over 30 years’ experience across numerous industries, we are head and shoulders above our competitors when it comes to erecting steel supported structures.


Designs range from spiral to grated, to paned for a cement pour and more. To properly achieve the most aesthetically pleasing and user friendly access, the stairway should be custom built and custom fit. We work with designers to bring their ideas to life, or let us know your vision and leave the design with us.


Whether it’s for a deck, a balcony, a staircase, whatever the option, railings are an essential component. The fantastic appeal of steel railings is that they can be slight and unobtrusive to help focus on the view behind them, or, as a work of art, they can be the view. We don’t set limits on imagination.